• Have you written a book? Have it published with our help!
  • Your book is ready for print, but you don’t know where to print it?
  • Need to design and print catalogues or booklets?

Trust our expertise
ERAM Advertising & Publishing in cooperation with one of the biggest Estonian publishers Ersen has published more than 3000 titles by local and foreign authors for the last 15 years.

ERAM Advertising & Publishing is happy to help you with printing books and catalogues of any format, size and colour separation. ERAM Advertising & Publishing has been operating on the book market for 15 years by now. During this period, the company has gained enormous experience in the field of publication of catalogues, books, booklets etc.; and the qualifications of its specialists, managers and production engineers have been perfected. With each year and month and every new order, ERAM Advertising & Publishing has been turning from an ordinary producer of printed materials into a reliable partner able not only to deal with everyday tasks related to publication and printing, but also to provide its clients with a large complex of additional services.

ERAM Advertising & Publishing works with all customer on mutually beneficial terms and conditions, founded on four principles:

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Service

We work only with the best printers in the Baltic region: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Because of continually placing orders for printing books, we are offered great discounts – and we will be happy to share them with you!

We will make your great book even greater!
With our help your manuscript becomes a real great book. Our experts will take care of book design, typesetting and layout and place an order for printing your book – at especially good prices! All you have to do is to collect your freshly printed copies of the book from our warehouse.

Our main objective is to turn a manuscript, which is often raw and with mistakes, into a great book. In the process, the following works-services are performed, the full spectre of which is selected individually.

  • Pre-press: book design, typesetting and layout
    • electronic processing of images for the artistic finish of the book
    • artistic editing
    • technical editing
    • computer aided makeup
    • if necessary, text composition
    • scanning
    • laser printing
    • proofreading
    • making changes in the computer aided text capture after proofreading
  • Designing covers
  • Obtaining the obligatory ISBN code
  • Arranging the printing order for the book at a printer
  • Tracking the manufacturing process at all the stages of the works
  • Dispatching the statutory copies of the book
  • Delivering the ready print-run to the client
  • If necessary, the sales of the book through the retail trade network and online shops

We will be happy to see you among our clients!